Ted in Ottawa

Here are three ways that you can follow what is happening on "the Hill". The first website captures up to date information, and the following two websites stream video you can watch on your computer. It's important for citizens to know that they can follow what's being said and done in Ottawa on their behalf.

Open Parliament

Want to know what your Member of Parliament is up to? Want to know what other MP's are up to? Here's a one stop website that gives each member a page and lists what they have last said and where they have said it: in the House of Commons, on Facebook, on Twitter.  This site is an example of Open Data Government transparancy, where citizens can take public information and present it in user friendly ways to the public--making your elected officials more accountable.

"Info on what your representatives are doing in Ottawa can be hard to find and use. We’re trying to make it easy."--OpenParliament.ca


Cable Public Affairs Channel

Watch what's happening on the Hill and in government with CPAC's live streaming on-line. 

"CPAC offers its entire program schedule live online, 24/7. So wherever and whenever you’re connected to the Web, you’re never more than a few clicks away from tuning in to the best in Parliamentary, political and public affairs programming."--CPAC.ca


This public service site is brought to Canadians by the Government of Canada. It provides on-line video streams and recorded versions of meetings within Parliament.

"Bringing Parliament to your desktop."--ParlVu.parl.gc.ca