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Dr. Rajeev Suryavanshi, FRCSC

Political parties and politicians have disappointed us so often, it’s natural to be cynical. I know we cannot change the past, but if we come together and work together, we can surely change the way forward. If you do not plan for the future, you cannot act now to change it for the better.


I have seen Ted in action for a few years now and I can see that he is different. While he cannot create a better future for Ontario alone, and while he may not be able to change everything, Ted does possess the potential to be a great leader.


Please join with me in support of Ted Hsu, so we can work together to build a more fair, equitable and healthy Ontario. We need to turn this land that has been declared “open for business” back into what it once was: a land that is “yours to discover”.


Dr. Rajeev Suryavanshi, FRCSC