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Electoral Reform

When I was an MP in 2015, I voted in favour of a motion on Mixed Member Proportional (the exact form was not specified). It was a free vote for the Liberal caucus which I remember split down the middle with about half voting in favour and half voting against (Justin Trudeau voted against). So I am on the record in favour of proportional representation in general. However, I do not like party lists because they put more power in the hands of the party leadership. I prefer a regional top-up type of proportionality where elected members run for and are elected to represent a region. I think there should be candidates who campaign regionally because I see problems with representation in parliament if unsuccessful riding candidates automatically become regional representatives.

I also worked on the 2018 Kingston referendum on ranked ballots (canvass lead) which won by a 2-1 margin. As a result of our efforts we would have had municipal electoral reform in Kingston in 2022, before Premier Ford killed it.

I would put electoral reform in our election platform for 2026 and I am open to including a citizen's assembly in the platform.