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It's time for a fresh start. The Ontario Liberal Party is rebuilding from the ground up! Here's how you can be part of the process:


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When the time comes for Ted to make the final decision to run, would you like to be the first to know?

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Join the Liberal Party and a local riding association

Riding associations are the heart of political parties. They choose candidates to run in their communities, provide space for community members to discuss policy and community needs, raise campaign funds, and help in elections. Right now, the Ontario Liberal Party is taking on a new shape and tone. Membership is free and open to all residents of Ontario who are 14-years or older. We hope you'll be part of this process! 

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Get to know your MPPs at Queen's Park

Currently, we have eight members who are providing opposition to Doug Ford's government. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the community support to  spotlight where the government needs to do more or where it went wrong.

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Share your ideas with Ted

Ted wants to hear from Liberals across the province about your vision for: how the party can rebuild, the changes we can make, and what kind of party you want to see.

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