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Protecting our Greenbelt: It’s not just possible, it’s essential

It’s not just possible, it’s essential

(Cette politique sera bientôt traduite)
The Greenbelt isn't just a stretch of green on a map of Ontario and it wasn’t made with a random stroke of a marker: it's some of our province's most vital greenspaces and environmental safeguards. It's a promise for a cleaner future. A promise to our children and their children that the forests, wetlands, and fertile farmlands of Southern Ontario will be preserved for them and for generations yet to come. 

Staying true to a promise means standing firm even when pressures mount. Our commitment to the Greenbelt shouldn't waver in the face of challenges. 

The recent proposals to adjust the Greenbelt's boundaries troubles me. Using terms like 'justification,' without defining them precisely, creates room for encroachments driven by short-term interests. 'Land swaps' or 'equivalent lands' might sound balanced on the surface, but the underlying ecological and agricultural complexities could have long-lasting consequences.

As someone deeply passionate about preserving our natural environment, I want to stress the importance of the Greenbelt. It's an irreplaceable natural asset, home to a rich diversity of species, and a frontline soldier in our fight against climate change. As well, it safeguards our precious agricultural lands that contribute significantly to our local food supplies. 


Once it’s gone, it’s gone.


The answer to our housing crisis isn't exploiting our green spaces, but embracing innovative, sustainable strategies. By championing solutions like 'missing middle' housing and increased density around transit hubs, we can cultivate vibrant, diverse neighbourhoods without impinging on our Greenbelt.

The notion that we must choose between addressing our housing crisis and preserving our Greenbelt is, I believe, a false choice. We can commit to innovative and sustainable solutions that respect both our environmental commitments and the need for affordable housing.

I invite you to join me in this mission. Ontario needs a leader who will commit, without hesitation to protect our Greenbelt. Together, we can build a competitive, caring, and fair Ontario – an Ontario that honours its commitments and looks confidently towards a sustainable future. 

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