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Jennifer Waite

Registered Nurse, MNSc

As a registered nurse, I have had the privilege to witness leadership in many forms, but few have exemplified the commitment, compassion, and competency that I have observed in Ted Hsu during his tenure as Liberal MPP for Kingston and the Islands. His dedication to meeting and exceeding the needs of his constituents, particularly in health and social sectors, is commendable.

Ted has been a strong advocate for health care reform, steadily championing for improved working conditions for health care workers and advocating for policies that prioritize patient care. His understanding and respect for nurses and the overall nursing profession has been especially encouraging, as he recognizes our vital role in patient care. He has stood with nurses in our push for safe staffing levels, fair wages, and improved patient-to-nurse ratios. Ted has also demonstrated a firm commitment to nursing students’ mental health by advocating for the implementation of coping strategies into nursing education to strengthen the next generation of nurses entering the workforce.

Ted has an analytical approach to policy-making. His background in physics, fortified by a PhD from Princeton University sets him apart, as he ensures evidence-based decisions, resulting in effective, pragmatic policies. What impresses me the most about Ted; however, is that he offers a unique blend of scientific rigor and compassionate leadership.

His genuine concern for nurses has brought him to the frontlines, meeting with nurses and health care staff, listening to concerns, and showing a level of empathy that has been both heartening and inspiring. His commitment to addressing our challenges demonstrates his deep sense of public service.

Furthermore, Ted has an approach that is informed and thoughtful. He recognizes the complexities inherent in health care, and rather than offering oversimplified solutions, he takes the time to understand the issues, consult with experts, and involve stakeholders in decision- making processes. His attention to the homelessness crisis is exemplary. He has been a tireless advocate for affordable housing and supportive services, understanding that health is more than just medical care. He acknowledges the social determinants of health and acts to address them, significantly impacting our community’s well-being.

Above all, his emphasis on family resonates with me. Ted understands that families are at the heart of our society, and his policies reflect a commitment to supporting them in tangible ways. Ted is not just a policy-maker, but also a listener, a collaborator, and a genuine advocator who leads with compassion and dedication making him an exceptional leader. I wholeheartedly endorse Ted Hsu, an MPP truly devoted to public service.