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Kingston MPP Ted Hsu announces bid to lead Ontario Liberals

May 28, 2023

(CBC News) Ted Hsu, the MPP for Kingston and the Islands, is putting his name forward as a candidate for the leadership of Ontario's Liberal Party. Hsu made the announcement at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour in Kingston early Sunday afternoon to a crowd of supporters,...

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Brian Crombie Hour interviews MPP Ted Hsu

April 05, 2023

(Brian Crombie Hour) Tonight, Wednesday, April 5th, at 6 pm on The Brian Crombie Hour I interview ✅ Ted Hsu.  Ted Hsu (pronounced "shoe") is one of eight current Ontario Liberal Party MPP's sitting in the Ontario Legislative Assembly. He represents Kingston and the...

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Nobody puts Ted Hsu in a corner

March 13, 2023

(Queen's Park Observer) ... Why are you considering a bid for Liberal leader? There are three main areas I would address in answering your question. One is, I’m very motivated to get up in the morning and work because I feel that we’re facing...

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Nice guys finish last? Ted Hsu doesn't plan on it

March 03, 2023

 (Trillium) ... According to Hsu, he's built a team since then of about 90 volunteers, including a policy team. It's zeroed in on two focuses: housing/cost-of-living and health-care capacity. "If voters don't trust us on those two things, then there's no point in talking...

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