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Why I'm Running

I believe there is hope for the future, and it's a future worth fighting for. Join me in building a competitive, caring and fair Ontario.



Ontario is struggling with so many things: cost of living, healthcare capacity, education disruption. We're struggling with debt, and we're struggling with climate change. So many things need to be solved at the same time.

I want to say very clearly that I believe that a strong economy is needed to tackle the problems that we have.

But Doug Ford's economy is not competitive on the world stage. Why? Workers can't find an affordable place to live near where they work, they have trouble accessing health care, our kids are behind because of COVID, there's more violence and disruption in the classrooms, and we're falling behind on climate change because this government is allergic to sustainable energy and relying more and more on burning natural gas. This makes it much harder to attract investment to Ontario.

This Conservative government is not up to leading us in solving these problems. The federal government is leading this Conservative government. It's holding the Conservative government by hand when it comes to responding to the pandemic, funding affordable child care, finding funding for affordable housing, and recruiting overseas companies to come and invest in electric vehicle plants.

I believe in building an Ontario that's competitive, caring and fair.

A competitive Ontario where our workers have access to the best childcare, schools, technology, training, organization, financing and access to markets. A competitive economy that gives young and old, able and disabled the opportunity to prosper. A competitive economy to support a caring and just society.