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Zachary Typhair

2022 Green Party of Ontario Candidate, Kingston and the Islands

In the pursuit of change and a fresh start for Ontario, there is no better candidate than Ted Hsu. As a former Green candidate who ran against him in the last election, I wholeheartedly endorse Ted as the next leader of the Liberal Party. His exceptional qualities and unwavering commitment to progress make him the best choice to lead us into a new era of positive transformation.

Ted Hsu's extensive experience as both a Member of Parliament and a Member of the Provincial Parliament positions him perfectly to spearhead the much-needed change we seek. His diverse background equips him with a deep understanding of the challenges faced at both the federal and provincial levels, giving him a unique perspective on effective governance.

With the slogan "A Fresh Start," Ted recognizes the urgency for transformative action and a departure from the status quo. He brings a fresh perspective to the table, unburdened by conventional thinking, and is ready to challenge the existing norms to better serve the people of Ontario.

Ted Hsu's commitment to environmental sustainability and combating climate change aligns perfectly with the desire for change. His advocacy for renewable energy and dedication to reducing our carbon footprint make him a true champion of a greener future. Under his leadership, Ontario will witness the implementation of innovative policies and initiatives aimed at preserving our environment and ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for generations to come.

What sets Ted apart is his inclusive and collaborative approach. He believes that progress can only be achieved by bringing people together, transcending party lines, and uniting diverse voices. Ted's ability to listen, empathize, and find common ground is a testament to his commitment to creating an inclusive and harmonious Ontario.

His commitment to transparency and accountability will restore faith in the political process. Ted Hsu understands that true change can only be achieved when the public has trust in their leaders. With him at the helm, the Liberal Party of Ontario will prioritize open dialogue, engage with communities, and actively involve Ontarians in shaping policies that reflect their needs and aspirations.

Ted Hsu's vision for a fresh start in Ontario is both compelling and inspiring. His ideas and plans for economic growth, education, healthcare, and social justice are forward-thinking and address the pressing issues of our time. He brings a wealth of knowledge, innovative thinking, and a genuine passion for making Ontario a better place for all.

It is with utmost confidence and enthusiasm that I endorse Ted Hsu for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Ontario. His vision for a fresh start, coupled with his ability to create positive change and foster unity, make him the ideal candidate to lead us into a brighter future. Join me in embracing this fresh start and supporting Ted Hsu as the leader who will bring the change we need to build a stronger and more prosperous Ontario for all.