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Happy Canada Day!

July 3, 2014

I had a great time this Canada Day! I started off by joining in the fun at the Red and White Parade: After the parade, we made our way to Confederation Park: I also had the chance to join the … Continue reading

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Why the role of elected MPs is so important

July 21, 2014

MP Michael Chong, advocate for parliamentary reform, speaking in May 2014: In many democracies, such as the great democracy to the south of us, voters and citizens have three franchises. They have three votes at the national level. They vote … Continue reading

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Can we make better use of the KP site by allowing tourists to visit?

July 17, 2014

Back in April I wrote Minister Stephen Blaney about the missed opportunity to re-open the Kingston Penitentiary site for tourism. It has been several months without a reply now and I thought we should publicly remind the minister that many … Continue reading

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Veterans Affairs Advertising – where was the sound economic management?

July 12, 2014

I responded to a letter from Minister of Veterans Affairs, Julian Fantino, to the Kingston Whig-Standard on Saturday, June 12: Here is what I wrote, published on July 15: Indeed, they had a choice, spend more money on advertising or spend … Continue reading

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Responding to Refugee Health Care Cuts

July 3, 2014

Update: The Federal Court has declared these cuts unconstitutional, saying that they constitute “cruel and unusual” treatment. Christie Blatchford denounced the cuts in the National Post, saying that they represent the “deliberate heartlessness… and… boneheaded ineptness” of the Conservative government. I recently had … Continue reading

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